PCB Layout (using ExpressPCB) (Output file can be converted to other formats for an additional fee)

Kit Construction
- Have constructed many kits including kits using SMD devices such as N3ZI DDS products. Have extensive experience hand soldering SMD devices. In the lab we use a SMD solder station with hot air and fine tip soldering iron along with a stereo microscope. Our first kit was the Heathkit AT-1 in 1955.

Our lab also includes an extensive stock of parts. If you can't find the part you need send us an email.

Restoring old ham equipment is one of our specialties. We have experience with Hammarlund, Heathkit and Collins receivers.

Microphone design & construction
- D-104 Upgrades and modifications
- Outdoor microphones (weather resistant)
- Very high quality ECM (Electret Condenser Microphone) capsules. Very low self-noise with good sensitivity. Models Primo EM-172 and EM-158